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Are You Overwhelmed With All the Tasks Required to Run a Small Business?

It’s time to hire a digital marketing agency and check digital marketing off your list.

Marketing services done for you, in collaboration with you, creating an in-house Done with You Internet marketing team, ready to guide and execute your marketing strategy, helping you save time, realize your goals, and grow revenue all at an affordable price.

Discover the Power of Integrated Marketing Services with Terzetto Digital℠, a full-service digital marketing agency that will help your small business grow by orchestrating a symphony of digital services to “Harmonize Your Digital MarketingSM”.

Focus on your business and let our digital marketing agency focus on your internet marketing success.

The Company Mantra

Our company name, Terzetto Digital, is derived from two concepts:

A “Terzetto” is an Italian word for a musical composition for three voices. A musical trio, or Terzetto, must synchronize their voices in harmony to create a pleasing combination of sounds.

As it relates to marketing, “Digital” refers to using an electronic medium to bring awareness to potential customers of your products or services, mainly with Internet Marketing techniques such as Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

Combining those concepts together, Terzetto Digital brings the three essential parts of digital marketing, the Strategy, the Content, and the Design, in tune with each other to create Marketing Harmony:

  1. Strategy – defines your ideal customer, creating a roadmap of tactics to reach them to achieve your revenue goals.
  2. Content – messaging that speaks to your target market in the right tone, at the right time, and in the right place.
  3. Design – presents your content in appealing visuals to capture the attention of your prospects, leading to more sales.
Overlapping circles showing how strategy, content, and design integrate to create marketing harmony

We are an affordable, full-service digital marketing agency, allowing you to focus on your small business or start-up while we focus on your growth with results-driven internet marketing services. Let us help you to Harmonize Your Digital Marketing.

The “aha moment”

Terzetto Digital’s parent company, Tri Valley Internet, started in 1995 to provide dial-up Internet access in the Tri-Valley region of the San Francisco Bay Area. Yes, believe it or not, there wasn’t any High-Speed Cable, Satellite, or WiFi back in the early days of the Internet. Tri Valley Internet had racks of servers at a co-location facility in San Jose that connected local business customers in Pleasanton, Dublin, and Livermore to the Internet with modems and their phone lines.

Tri Valley Internet logo from 1995
Tri Valley Internet - Technology plus Design equals Results

In 1998, the company was incorporated in California as TriValley Internet, Inc. Over the next 22 years, the company expanded from hosting services to provide business Internet marketing services, such as website design, search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing, e-mail marketing, and social media marketing.

While the company continues to provide the same services today, there was an “aha moment” that would change its’ core strategy.  Over the years, they noticed that many small business owners would hire them for one service, then attempt to do the others on their own. The majority of these owners had a difficult time just providing website content, so the poor results in the marketing they attempted alone was no surprise. They would do a few social media posts, but then nothing for months, their e-mail marketing was off-brand, they were nowhere to be found on Google, and spent most of their marketing budgets on ineffective paid advertisements.

From that realization, Terzetto Digital was founded in 2020 to change the company focus from individual to integrated services. A holistic approach where the strategy, the content, and the design would all be done as a cohesive service. No longer was the owner alone as a DIY’er, nor was the company coming on board as a “Done for You” service, rather this would be a combined approach called “Done with You”.  A partnership with the small business owner, leveraging their specific industry knowledge to create the strategy, with the companies 20+ years’ experience in content marketing, advertising, and design to produce revenue-generating marketing.

Terzetto Digital is digital marketing agency taking holistic approach to digital marketing services

The company, now officially called TriValley Internet, Inc. dba Terzetto Digital, has had the same ownership since 2001.

A Message From Our Founder

Richard Wilkinson is Founder and CEO of Terzetto Digital, a digital marketing agency in California

I’ve been an entrepreneur since 1992, having started several successful, and some not so successful, companies.  Through the years, I’ve had to roll up my sleeves and work in every aspect of the business venture until cash-flow allowed hiring employees.  Being in the trenches taught me fortitude, confidence, and humility, traits that I cherish to this day.

As a fellow small business owner, I promise you this:

    • We’ll work side-by-side with you as a partner to grow your business, helping you to save time, increase revenue, and improve reputation.
    • You’ll take your business to the next level with our affordable marketing plans that’ll give you a return on your investment.
    • Results are what matter.  I’ll personally meet with you on a quarterly basis to review your marketing progress for continual optimization.


Richard Wilkinson Founders Message

Richard Wilkinson
Terzetto Digital Founder and CEO

The Classical Terzetto

If you’re a fan of classical music, then you’ll know that a Terzetto can also refer to three instruments in harmony.  The most famous of these is the Terzetto in C, Op. 74, a chamber work for two violins and viola by the Czech composer Antonín Dvořák, published in 1887.

Watch and listen to this beautiful piece played by the Kronberg Academy.

The Modern Terzetto

And finally, from the break-out app of 2020, TikTok creates a uniquely digital way of harmonizing.   Watch and listen to this amazing harmony compilation.

Tired of Doing All Your Own Internet Marketing?

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