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Use Consistent Marketing and Promotion to Get Results 

The outcome of any endeavor comes down to the definition of what one considers as the measure of success.  To the enthusiast sports fan, perhaps that’s winning the game, whereas the coach may take the long view, considering the incremental accomplishments of each player regardless of the game’s end result.  Either way, there are hundreds of statistics that must be recorded and analyzed to gauge, compare, and make decisions before the next game starts. As your small business launches its digital marketing strategy, you’ll need to define those Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) in the marketing analytics sense for things like your digital advertising, social media campaign, or email marketing campaign.

Results are defined as “something that occurs as a consequence of some action”.  It doesn’t define whether that outcome is good or bad, just that there is a conclusion to a series of events. At times, there is a side effect that can be “any adverse and unwanted secondary effect”, but in general a result is “the answer to some problem, especially one obtained by calculation or experimentation”.  In digital marketing, the results clarify the impact of a specific tactic, whereby a trial and error approach can be applied to do conversion optimization, leading to more prospects becoming customers. 

Excited businessman at a desk reviewing the results of his sales after an email marketing campaign

On your path to increasing revenues and growing your small business, you’ll come to the intersection of how do you manage all the digital analytics?  Each platform has its’ own interface, from your website marketing or eCommerce marketing to your social media presence and PPC management, and after you log in to all of them, you’ve still got to make sense of the data.  That’s why you need our Get Results feature, where we’ve combined over 50 metrics into a single, easy to read analytics dashboard. Plus, we’ll help you understand the data so you can make better decisions with insights into your marketing.

As a small business owner, you can no longer look at each sale as a one-off business transaction.  Today there is so much more depth to each transaction as the outcome not only impacts the individual purchase but influences the decisions of potentially thousands of other buyers through online reviews.  With our reputation management software you can easily stay on top of those reviews, both positive and negative, to respond to them so others can see that you offer great customer service no matter the outcome of the transaction.

You’ll Get Results in 3 Core Areas With 24 Specific Services

Growing a small business comes down to measuring everything.  While this may be easy to do with your financial software, how do you measure your digital marketing success? We’ve got you covered, with a digital marketing plan where you get results and can see them too!  Our integrated analytics dashboard makes it easy to measure your marketing analytics 24/7:

Icon represents how you can Monitor over 50 Metrics on your Analytics Dashboard

Monitor over 50 Metrics

Measure what matters to get insights into what is working and what needs improvement. Start with a summary overview, then use the interactive dashboard to drill down deep into the details of each metric, giving you hundreds of data points.

Icon represents how you can see Keyword Rankings on your Analytics Dashboard

Keyword Rankings

Monitor your target keyword rankings over time and see how they look on the search engine landing pages and which page on your site is ranking. Includes Google, Google Local, Google Mobile, and Bing.

Icon represents how you can view Visitor Statistics on your Analytics Dashboard

Visitor Statistics

Our integration with Google Analytics lets you discover how visitors are finding your website, the percentage of new versus returning visitors, the average time spent on the site, or if they bounced (left quickly, meaning they're not interested).

Icon represents how you can monitor Conversion Rate on your Analytics Dashboard

Conversion Rate

At the end of the day, it's all about results. Getting your target market to convert usually refers to taking an action, such as filling out a contact form, calling you (requires phone all tracking), or taking any action you deem as they next step to a sale that can be measured.

Icon represents how you can use Phone Call Tracking on your Analytics Dashboard

Phone Call Tracking

A tracking telephone number is forwarded to your destination number. By using these tracking numbers, you gain insight into how many phone calls you received for any given campaign, the lead source of the call, and even monitor missed call percentages.

Icon represents how you can use Website Lead Form Tracking on your Analytics Dashboard

Website Lead Form Tracking

When a prospect decides to fill out an online form instead of calling, you'll see the lead source as well as capture the lead data on the dashboard. This is a great way to keep tabs on your sales team and understand the quality of the leads.

Icon represents how you can view Email Marketing Report on your Analytics Dashboard

Email Marketing Report

Discover which email campaigns are getting opened, how many contacts are clicking on links, and if they are engaging with you once they land on your website.

Icon represents how you can view Social Media Growth/Engagement on your Analytics Dashboard

Social Media Growth/Engagement

As social signals can improve search engine visibility, we monitor likes, shares, and overall engagement to ensure the posting times and frequency are working for your target market.

Icon represents how you can view Backlink Monitor on your Analytics Dashboard

Backlink Monitor

We distribute the content to the right people and places, engaging your target market across the internet to earn backlinks to your website that will improve your search rankings.

Icon represents how you can view Competition Monitor on your Analytics Dashboard

Competition Monitor

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your competition relative to their search engine ranking will help identify content areas that need improvement or allow the opportunity to take advantage of the content areas they're missing.

Icon represents how you can view Website Page Audit on your Analytics Dashboard

Website Page Audit

When updating your website with new content or making changes to the structure, it's possible to cause errors. Because of that, we run internal diagnostics weekly to detect and fix any such errors before they impact your search engine ranking.

Icon represents how you can view Website Uptime Monitor on your Analytics Dashboard

Website Uptime Monitor

If your website is down, it's not producing leads, so we monitor the site every 60 seconds to ensure it's operational. If at any time it does not respond, we alert our technical team to investigate and resolve the issue immediately.

Icon represents how important Analytics Audit is to your digital marketing results

Analytics Audit

Google Analytics is a powerful tool, but many small businesses don’t have it enabled, or they don’t have it set properly to record goals and conversions. We’ll review this for you to correct any issues for better insights.

The difference between winning or losing a sale is often some point of friction on your small business website that stops a customer from moving forward. We help you get results by fixing those roadblocks, making the customer experience better, whether they’re placing an order on your ecommerce website or just want to complete a form on your website landing page:

Icon represents how important Website Optimization is to your Conversion Optimization

Website Optimization

Getting traffic to your website is great, but if you have a high bounce rate, that means they’re not converting to customers. We’ll analyze your page content, making adjustments while monitoring visitors to improve the conversion rate.

Icon represents how important Website Visitor Heat Maps are to your Conversion Optimization

Website Visitor Heat Maps

Understanding where your prospects are clicking on each website page is a valuable tool to improve the users experience. This insight can lead to design changes that will increase clicks and conversions.

Icon represents how important Website Visitor Session Recordings are to your Conversion Optimization

Website Visitor Session Recordings

What if you could sit next to a prospect as they navigate your website and watch what they do? Now you can with session recordings that let you see interactions to discover ways to improve the website experience and close more deals.

Icon represents how important Landing Page Optimization is to your Conversion Optimization

Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages are designed to convert easily as they are focused and relevant copy. But sometimes they don’t perform as expected and require slight adjustments to the copy, text, or call to action.

Icon represents how important Website Exit Intent Pop-ups are to your Conversion Optimization

Website Exit Intent Pop-ups

Don’t let your prospects leave your website without giving them your best offer. An exit intent pop-up can sense when the user is about to navigate away from your website and pop-up an offer or opportunity to at least subscribe to your email marketing list.

Icon represents how important Social Media Engagement is to your Conversion Optimization

Social Media Engagement

Being social in a personal sense means that you are engaged in the conversation. The same thing is true with Social Media, but can be more difficult due to technology. We’ll work with you on posts that can be more interactive, such as with comments or questions.

Icon represents how important Email Marketing Open / Click Rates is to your Conversion Optimization

Email Marketing Open / Click Rates

With so many emails being received daily, you have just seconds to appeal to the user and get them to open your email. Subject lines make a big difference as well as the content within the email to get them to click on it.

Icon represents how important Duplicate Content Monitoring is to your Conversion Optimization

Duplicate Content Monitoring

Plagiarism is a serious and growing problem on the Internet. Anyone can copy your online content and instantly paste it onto their own site, which can harm your search engine rankings. We scan the entire internet weekly for copies of all of your pages.

Icon represents how important Ecommerce Checkout Upsells are to your Conversion Optimization

Ecommerce Checkout Upsells

Look around when you’re checking out at a physical store… they surround you with upsells. The same can be done with your online store to entice customers to add more items just before they pay.

Consumers have choices in where they buy products or services, so it’s more important than ever to have online reputation management.  We’ll get results for you with our reputation management software, an integrated solution that lets you monitor, respond, and request reviews by email or SMS text messaging.  Never miss a chance to add more stars or fix missing ones:

Icon represents how important Capture and Monitor Reviews are to your Reputation Management

Capture and Monitor Reviews

Capture, Manage, and Market your Online Reviews on Yelp, Google, and over 35 other platforms. Ask for customer reviews by email or SMS (Text) messaging.

Icon represents how important Google My Business Optimization is to your Search Engine Optimization

Google Q&A Monitoring

Stand out on Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) by answering customer questions. With this feature, you'll be able to monitor the Question & Answer section on GBP to ensure a quick response to any visitor questions.

Icon represents how important Net Promoter Score (NPS) Surveys are to your Reputation Management

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Surveys

What if there was a single question you could ask customers to indicate their satisfaction with your product or service? We have that question for you and a system that will send it to customers and tabulate the results.

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