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Engage With Your Target Market to Get Social

Imagine walking into a retail store and instead of them saying “Welcome In”, they greeted you by your first name as if you were a friend.  That’s exactly what was portrayed in the 1980’s TV comedy “Cheers” whenever the character Norm walked into the establishment, everyone would chant “Hi Norm”. He was a recurring customer, and the theme song of the show reflected the reason…. because he wanted to go “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”.  Of course, it’s not realistic to think that could happen today, but it’s still a great analogy as to how personalization can create customers for life. The advantages of social media and why email marketing works is that you can say “Hi Norm”.

As humans, we are naturally social beings, seeking and enjoying the companionship of others.  At its root, the word social means “friend”, which could be a single person or a group of people with common interests. While some people may be shy and introverted, technology has broken down barriers and thus makes it easier for everyone to be sociable. This evolution has extended to the small business owner, letting them communicate to thousands of customers with a picture on Instagram, a 280-character tweet, or an email marketing newsletter, yet still provides that personal one-to-one communication through Direct Messaging on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Female business owner holding a Like sign talking about her clothing line on Facebook live stream

Connect with your customers on a deeper level with our Get Social feature.  Reach out through Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Messenger Marketing to create relationships both before and after the sale.  Whether your products or services are oriented to business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B), you have a physical store or an e-commerce store, communication is one of the keys to success.  Keeping in touch can range from event notifications and product sales, to adding value through education and giveaways, all centered around keeping your brand top of mind.

We’ll help you with best practices as well as the latest technology.  For example, while it’s nice to get Likes and Follows, you really want engagement, that two-way street where your posts get shared, re-tweeted, or commented on so that you can have a dialog, just as you would with friends.  You’ll get that with a social media campaign that includes the consistent posting of interactive social media content to keep your messages fresh.

You’ll Get Social in 3 Core Areas With 20 Specific Services

With everyone using smartphones today, you don’t want to miss out on reaching potential customers through a strong social media presence.   Engage in a conversation with your audience to get social in the apps they use the most. With our social media packages, you’ll get a social media strategy that includes social media content creation and posting to save you time:

Icon represents how important Social Media Profile Optimization is to your Social Media Marketing

Social Media Profile Optimization

Update or create the Social Media Profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, or LinkedIn) based on your target market. Includes copywriting about your company, cover art creation, and uploading your logo to each platform.

Icon represents how important Social Media Profiles are to your Social Media Marketing

Social Media Profiles Allowed

While we support Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn, we will only optimize/post to the number of profiles available in the specific plan.

Icon represents how important Social Media Unique Posts are to your Social Media Marketing

Social Media Unique Posts

Creation of unique, branded posts each month to each profile, with reposting of same content on different days/times to maximize feed reach.

Icon represents how important Social Media Curated Posts are to your Social Media Marketing

Social Media Curated Posts

We’ll research various industry websites and social media profiles to post or repost relevant articles from third parties on topics that may interest your followers.

Icon represents how important Blog Posted to Social Media is to your Social Media Marketing

Blog Posted to Social Media

We'll repost the blog posts that were written for the website to your social profiles to capture the target market as they browse their social feeds

Icon represents how important Social Media Audit is to your Social Media Marketing

Social Media Audit

Get expert, in-depth analysis of your Facebook and Twitter profiles. From how engagement varies with images, links, and hashtags, to mentions and the best times to post.

One of the most cost-effective ways to communicate with customers is with an email marketing campaign. We help you get social with the best email marketing service that lets you connect through great design and automated features.  Whether it’s a welcome email, a request for more information or you just want to say “Hi”, we help you keep the relationship going:

Icon represents how important Customer Email Addresses are to your Email Marketing

Email Addresses

Each of our plans offers a specific number of email addresses that can be stored. Each address represents a contact who can be sent an email campaign, with unlimited campaign sending per month.

Icon represents how important Email Design and Content are to your Email Marketing

Email Design / Content

Create the email layout, including the subject line, content, image, Google Analytics links, and segmentation (unique email content based on each target audience).

Icon represents how important Email Marketing Automation is to your Email Marketing

Email Marketing Automation

Save time by leveraging technology to sends unique messaging to each email contact based on how they interact with your email campaigns (based on opens, clicks, and website visits).

Icon represents how important Email Personalization is to your Email Marketing

Email Personalization

Creating that personal connection in email is far more than just dropping the person’s first name. The more data that you have about a prospect or client, the more personalized the communication becomes and the more inclined they are to click.

Icon represents how important Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is to your Email Marketing

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Integrate your marketing and sales by keeping better track of prospects and customers. Stop searching through your email to find a customer’s phone number. Keeps a history of all communication in one place and lets you close more deals faster.

Icon represents how important Lead Scoring is to your Email Marketing

Lead Scoring

Some people are almost ready to buy from you. Some are in danger of not becoming customers. Lead scoring lets you track engagement and know who to follow up with.

Icon represents how important Website Tracking is to your Email Marketing

Website Tracking

Know when a prospect is visiting your website and which content they are reading to react to their needs in real-time. Helps to connect your sales and marketing processes to create more conversions.

Icon represents how important Email List Validation is to your Email Marketing

Email List Validation

The effort put into email marketing campaigns is wasted if a large percentage of the emails in your list are bad. This can damage your email sending reputation and limit revenue due to lost sales opportunities. It’s time to clean up your email marketing lists.

Icon represents how important Email Subscription Lead Magnets is to your Email Marketing

Email Subscription Lead Magnets

Getting someone to sign-up for your email marketing list can be challenging, but what if you could provide some value in return? By creating content in the form of an eBook that your target market is interested in, you can offer them the carrot they need to opt-in.

Icon represents how important Dynamic Email Content is to your Email Marketing

Dynamic Email Content

Get more contacts to become customers by showing them what they want to see. Dynamic content lets you change the text and images in an email to put different messages in front of different people.

Icon represents how important Abandoned Shopping Cart Emails are to your Email Marketing

Abandoned Shopping Cart Emails

Over 40 different studies, the average eCommerce shopping cart abandonment rate is 69.57%. We’ll help you win back those nearly 7 out of 10 people and get them to "checkout" your online store again.

Keeping up on the latest digital marketing techniques for your small business website can be confusing.  Don’t fret, let us help you increase revenue and get social with a digital marketing plan at the growth or pro level. You’ll be able to communicate with your target audience in more advanced ways, adding value to your product or service to beat out your competition:

Icon represents how important Facebook Messenger is to your Messenger Marketing

Facebook Messenger

As of June 2020, there were 2.7 billion Facebook users worldwide. It’s likely that many of them are your target market, so why not use the built-in tool called Facebook Messenger to communicate with them? Direct message from the app or using Chat Bots.

Icon represents how important ChatBots / Live Chat is to your Messenger Marketing

ChatBots / Live Chat

The best salesperson you have is your website because it’s open 24/7. But since you can’t be there all the time, why not let Artificial Intelligence (AI) help you out. ChatBots can answer basic questions and even transfer visitors to a Live Chat operator.

Icon represents how important SMS (text) Marketing is to your Messenger Marketing

SMS (text) Marketing

People “check” email. They “get” SMS messages. Your contacts are extremely likely to read texts, making them perfect for reminder messages and flash sales.

Are You Ready to Get Social to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Increase Revenue?

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