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Make Your Business Stand Out to Get Seen 

The entrepreneurs dream, the startups vision. Each small business owner starts out with an idea in their mind’s eye, a concept for an existing or new product or service, perhaps addressing a need in the market to do it better or faster.  Whatever the reason, they must put that idea into practice with words and pictures to advertise what it is.  But sometimes they may have difficulty conveying the benefits in such a way that resonates with the target market. How people perceive your business is all that really matters, and no matter how hard you try, if that perception misses the mark on what the customer needs, you’ll never be successful.

Seen is defined as “something that has been looked at or noticed”.  Often seen is used as the past tense of see, meaning to perceive as in “to become aware of through the senses”, or to consider as in “judge or regard; look upon;”, and even to peruse as in “observe, check out, and look over carefully or inspect”. The intensity your potential customers put into evaluation of your product or service will vary.  Some may purchase sight unseen, while others will read your blogs, download case studies, watch videos, subscribe to your email newsletter, or scrutinize your product photos before deciding to make a purchase.

Young male small business owner in a video production about the products he sells at a retail store

It’s great when your target market finds your business, but do they see the real you?  Are you getting your brand’s true message out there in a way that says your products or services are the best solutions?  To Get Seen could also be paraphrased to “get heard”, a confirmation that you are both saying and showing potential customers exactly how your business can help them.  It’s an old cliché but still rings true today, that a “picture is worth a thousand words”.   Get seen and heard with our Content Marketing, Video Marketing, and Product Photography services to step into the spotlight to grow your business.

Great content creation and promotion starts with a content marketing strategy.  Changing how your business is seen is achieved through content writing services, explainer videos, marketing videos, and product photography.  We write, script, produce, edit, and promote your content to get your message seen in the best light possible.

You’ll Get Seen in 3 Core Areas With 12 Specific Services

So much of your visibility with local marketing, search marketing, and social commerce depends on the quality of your content creation and promotion.  Don’t leave it up to chance, get seen by your target market with our content writing services.  As a content marketing agency, we offer skilled copywriters for your website content, social media content, and email content:

Icon represents how important Website Copywriting is to your Content Marketing

Website Copywriting

One of the most difficult tasks you’ll face as a business owner is to write copy about your own business. Yes, you’re the expert on it, but it can be tough to write about it. Our team of writers will work with you to craft the perfect story to attract your target audience.

Icon represents how important Blog Copywriting is to your Content Marketing

Blog Copywriting

Fresh content on a website is an important part of engaging the target market. Our premium writing team will create compelling blog posts containing your target keywords or topics you suggest.

Icon represents how important Visual Assets are to your Content Marketing

Visual Assets included on each Blog Post

The average human being has an attention span of eight seconds. Adding stock images to break up copy on a blog post can result in better engagement.

Icon represents how important Industry Content Curation is to your Content Marketing

Industry Content Curation

We curate and post articles written by third parties on topics that may interest your audience. These will include a short text description as to why this content is important for your target market.

Icon represents how important Landing Page Copywriting is to your Content Marketing

Landing Page Copywriting

Sending people from paid advertisements to your website can be distracting as the menus and content may not match the ad. A better way is a focused sales page where the copy entices your target audience to take action.

If you want better placement in Google search results, then look no further than marketing videos.  Not only can these show up on page 1 of Google, but they can also be uploaded to YouTube, the 3rd largest search engine. Let us help you get seen on desktop, mobile, email, and social media platforms with our full-service video marketing package (requires additional fees):

Icon represents how important Video Production is to your Video Marketing

Video Production

Custom video production that highlights your products or services. We’ll write the script, coordinate the video shoot, then edit the final piece with any voice-over as necessary. This service is not included in the package pricing and will require a quotation.

Icon represents how important Explainer Videos are to your Video Marketing

Explainer Videos

When you need to explain something and don’t want to spend the money on a video production, these animated videos are the answer. Complete with scripting, animation, and voice-over.

Icon represents how important Sales Videos embedded in Email are to your Video Marketing

Sales Videos embedded in Email

Send a personal video message as a follow-up email to customers or prospects to say thank you or ask them to sign up for your services. Requires a webcam and microphone on your computer.

Icon represents how important Google My Business Virtual Tours are to your Video Marketing

Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) Virtual Tours

Why not let customers see inside your business to get to know you better. This works with Google maps street view and lets people walk right in. This service is not included in the package pricing and will require a quotation.

Yes, any smartphone today can take amazing pictures, but do you understand composition, lighting, or Photoshop editing?  With so much competition in ecommerce marketing, your product shots need to be perfect and tell a compelling story. We can help you get seen with our product photography services (packages do not include product photography pricing):

Icon represents how professional Photography is best for Website Headshots and Social Media

Headshots for Website / Social Media

If you’re using a headshot from 10 years ago, or a selfie-based image where your head looks too big, then let us help you get the perfect picture for your website or social media profiles.

Icon represents how important Product Photography is to your Ecommerce sales

Product Photography

Display your product in the best light (literally) with our custom staged product photographs, with either a pleasant background or a transparent one. This service is not included in the package pricing and will require a quotation.

Icon represents how important Location Photo Shoot is to your Brand

Location Photo Shoot

Want to shoot at your location to highlight products or employees? We come to you, complete with all the gear for a temporary photo studio. This service is not included in the package pricing and will require a quotation.

Are You Ready to Get Seen More Often and Look Better Than Your Competition?

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