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It’s Not Just a Digital Marketing Plan; It’s a Partnership Focused on Helping You Save Time and Increase Revenue

Whatever the size or stage of your small business, Terzetto Digital℠ grows with you.

Explore our integrated digital marketing plan options below, or create a custom plan to meet your needs.

* The monthly payment option for the Starter, Growth, or Pro plan requires a 6-month minimum commitment

Compare Digital Marketing Plan Features

Get Focus: Strategic Planning Starter Plan Growth Plan Pro Plan
Brand Core Values
Your brand defines how your customers feel as they do business with you… that emotional connection. From the visual and physical experience to written and spoken communication, reflecting your core values, and delivering on your brand promise.
SWOT Analysis
SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, and is an important tool often used to highlight where a business or organization is, and where it could be in the future.
Unique Value Proposition (UVP)
What is it that sets your product or service apart from your competition? Your Unique Value Proposition highlights why you’re different and the value that difference delivers to your customers.
Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)
What is each customer worth to you? Is it the total on a single receipt or can it be more than that? Understanding the lifetime value of a customer can help you make smart marketing decisions by not over-paying to acquire new or keep existing customers.
Document Strategic Plan
Why is documenting the strategy so important? According to the 2020 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks report, successful content marketers have a documented strategy compared to less successful ones (69% vs. 16%).
Get Focus: Target Market Starter Plan Growth Plan Pro Plan
Persona Development
Buyer personas are fictional, generalized representations of your ideal customers. They help you understand your ideal customer better, making it easier to tailor content to the specific needs, behaviors, and concerns of different groups.
Keyword Research
Discovering the keywords your target market uses to find your product or services will help drive traffic to your website. Search intent will help find topic keywords that can be used for content and social media marketing.
Competitor Analysis
They say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Understanding how your competitors are marketing gives you the opportunity to gain market share by finding the prospects they are missing.
Get Focus: Content Framework Starter Plan Growth Plan Pro Plan
Buyer’s Journey Content Mapping
When it comes to content, one size rarely fits all. To ensure that your website and social media content is effective at generating leads and selling your solution, you need to deliver the right content, to the right person, at the right time. Content mapping to your target audience is the process of doing just that.
Email Marketing Segmentation
Send to thousands of email recipients, but speak to each of them as if only they received an email from you. Here we’ll identify content to separate out your email marketing lists to match your target market.
Facebook Custom Audiences
By installing a tracking pixel on your website, we can identify visitors that have a Facebook profile, allowing you to target Facebook ads to them. This powerful feature can also expand your target market by creating “look-alike” audiences that have similar characteristics.
Content Promotion Plan
Promotion keeps the brand moving forward through a consistent, repeatable action plan. Here, the brand comes to life through various digital platforms with engaging content that builds trust with your audience.
Get Found: Website Design Starter Plan Growth Plan Pro Plan
Logo Design
While a brand is much more than a logo and colors, having a memorable image that represents your brand can be the difference between closing the deal or losing it to your competition.
Email Signature Design
Think about all the emails you send to your customers or prospects. Are you taking advantage of your signature line to make your brand stand out? This is a great space for your picture or a special offer.
Marketing Website Design
Your website is the base of all your digital marketing. We’ll create a new marketing website for you to show-off your brand, with plenty of content to get search engines to discover your new website.
WordPress Hosting
Customers should be able to access your website 24/7 and it needs to be secure and fast. We’ll host your website for you on a managed WordPress platform backed by both Google and Amazon.
Ecommerce Website Design
When it comes to selling your products, we’ll build you an e-commerce website that is both elegant and sophisticated. Showcase hundreds of products, display stock status, offer upsells, and provides easy checkout with secure credit card acceptance.
Ecommerce Hosting
You need speed and security when it comes to shopping carts and we’ll give you both. Our partnership with a top tier WooCommerce managed platform will give you that and more with the stability to ensure your store is open 24/7.
Custom Website Design
We also offer custom web application development. For example, we have created Learning Management Systems, Homeowner Association Portals, and Event Registration Systems, so please contact us to discuss your custom website design requirements.
Website Accessibility (WCAG 2.1 AA)
Poorly designed websites can create unnecessary barriers for disabled people. Accessible website design incorporates techniques that support assistive technologies, thus enabling a better website user experience for all abilities.
Website Privacy Policies Generator
Launch day for your new website should be exciting. Did you remember to include a Privacy Policy? It’s often overlooked, so we include Termageddon, a comprehensive website policies generator founded by a licensed privacy attorney with all our plans.
Domain Name Registration
Keeping your website domain name registered and private should be a top priority. Let us manage this important asset for you to avoid any downtime or scammers trying to double-charge you for a domain name you already own.
Email Hosting (# of email accounts) 1
Having a business email address with your domain name on it makes you look more professional and promotes brand awareness. Stop using or and start promoting your @businessname today.
3 5 10
Get Found: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Plan Growth Plan Pro Plan
Keywords Ranking in Search Engines
The number of keywords that we use to optimize your website and monitor for search engine ranking in Google, Google Local, Google Mobile, and Bing.
5 10 15
Website Optimization
Our SEO Analysts will review your website and make specific recommendations to optimize existing or new pages for your target keywords. Recommendations in title, description, keyword density, internal linking and rich snippet markup.
Google Search Console/Bing Webmaster Tools
A technical tool provided by Google and Bing to help understand how they view your site from both a visual as well as a code perspective. We monitor this tool to correct any issues as soon as they occur.
Google Analytics/Facebook Pixel Check
Understanding who visited your website and where they came from is key to improving marketing and conversions. We'll inspect or install these tracking codes from Google and Facebook.
Canonicalization Check
Sometimes a website will have multiple pages where content has been duplicated. To tell Google which page is the original, we use a special tag that helps separate the pages to increase rankings.
404 Error Check
When searching for a website page that has been removed, the web browser will issue an error called "404". This is a bad signal to Google and we'll re-route any of those found to new content.
Robots.txt & Sitemap Review
The way search engines index websites is with "Bots". We'll write special code to tell those "Robots" where to go and help them find all of your content by providing a map that outlines your website pages. Check is a joint effort by major search engines to improve the Internet by creating a structured data markup schema. On-page markup helps search engines understand the information on website pages and provide richer search results.
Google Business Profile Optimization
(formerly Google My Business or GMB)
Sets up and optimizes your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business), which is often referred to as "search rank zero" since it can be the first thing a visitor sees about your company without leaving Google.
Bing Places for Business Optimization
Often overlooked by Google’s impressive 92.05% search engine market share, Bing does have 2.83% search engine market share and we’ll make sure you can be found by those people.
Voice Search Optimization
Searching by voice using a smart speaker such as Alexa or Google Home, or a smartphone voice assistant is no longer a fad. Is your business ready to get found in voice search queries? We have the keys to building this voice presence for local businesses.
Off-Site SEO Link Building
The Internet thrives because it is a place where you can easily explore content. Links are the core way to facilitate this connection and Google still favors websites that have links pointing to them. We’ll make sure that your site is one of them.
Local Citation Audit & Cleanup
Nothing is more frustrating than having a prospect attempt to call, visit, or email you when they are getting that information from an erroneous source. We’ll seek to find and fix incorrect business listings to improve your local presence.
Directory Listing & Citation Building
Getting your company Name, Address, and Phone ("NAP") correctly listed in online directories helps improve visibility. We'll work with major aggregators, Factual and Infogroup, to get you in over 30 major directories.
Get Found: Digital Advertising 2 Starter Plan Growth Plan Pro Plan
Text Ads (Google Ads / Microsoft Advertising)
Show up at the top of Google or Bing and only pay when someone clicks on your ad. We’ll create these text ads with vibrant copy and ensure they click through to your best landing pages for success.
Social Media Ads
Our focus is on organic reach, but we can also do Pay-Per-Click advertising on any of the social platforms to a specific target audience to improve the reach and get more engagement based on demographic data. This service requires additional fees.
Display Ads (Google Ads / Microsoft Advertising)
While text ads are good, display ads are even better as people process images 60,000 times faster than text, plus they remember 80% of what they see compared to only 20% of what they read.
Facebook Custom Audiences
Stay top-of-mind by leverage on customer interactions from your website or email marketing to target that same person with Facebook Ads. (Requires Marketing Automation on Growth or Pro)
Retargeting Ads
You know that feeling of Deja vu when you keep seeing an ad for a company that you recently visited online? That’s retargeting, by leveraging on who visited your site, we can display an ad to keep your company top-of-mind in the hope they will return and buy.
Gmail Sponsored Promotions
With over 1.8 billion users worldwide, placing a Google Sponsored Ad gets you direct access to their inbox without ever knowing their email address! There are targeting options to make sure that the person seeing your ad is in your desired audience.
Google Local Service Ads (LSA)
If you’re a local home services provider, such as a plumber, electrician, roofer, plus over 30 other service categories, then this is for you. Your ads will only display on Google in your local service area and you only pay when a potential customer makes contact with you.
Google Shopping Ads
The perfect way to get your products displayed at the top of Google for better eCommerce marketing. Stand out from your competition with quality product photography, great descriptions, and product reviews.
Google Ads Audit
Save money and increase clicks with our in-depth analysis of your Google Ads account. We’ll look at all aspects, from your ad copy and bidding strategy, to your quality score and landing pages to help you grow revenue.

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Get Social: Social Media Marketing Starter Plan Growth Plan Pro Plan
Social Media Profile Optimization
Update or create the Social Media Profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, or LinkedIn) based on your target market. Includes copywriting about your company, cover art creation, and uploading your logo to each platform.
Social Media Profiles Allowed
While we support Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn, we will only optimize/post to the number of profiles available in the specific plan.
1 2 4
Social Media Unique Posts (# per month)
Creation of unique, branded posts each month to each profile, with reposting of same content on different days/times to maximize feed reach.
6 12 18
Social Media Curated Posts (# per month)
We’ll research various industry websites and social media profiles to post or repost relevant articles from third parties on topics that may interest your followers.
2 4 6
Blog Posted to Social Media (# per month)
We'll repost the blog posts that were written for the website to your social profiles to capture the target market as they browse their social feeds
1 2 3
Social Media Audit
Get expert, in-depth analysis of your Facebook and Twitter profiles. From how engagement varies with images, links, and hashtags, to mentions and the best times to post.
Get Social: Email Marketing Starter Plan Growth Plan Pro Plan
Email Addresses (unlimited sends per month) 3
These are the total number of email addresses that can be stored. Each address represents a contact who can be sent an email campaign, with unlimited campaign sending per month.
1,000 2,500 5,000
Email Design / Content (segments per month)
Create the email layout, including the subject line, content, image, Google Analytics links, and segmentation (unique email content based on each target audience).
1 2 4
Email Marketing Automation (unique sends)
Save time by leveraging technology to sends unique messaging to each email contact based on how they interact with your email campaigns (based on opens, clicks, and website visits).
1 2
Email Personalization
Creating that personal connection in email is far more than just dropping the person’s first name. The more data that you have about a prospect or client, the more personalized the communication becomes and the more inclined they are to click.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Integrate your marketing and sales by keeping better track of prospects and customers. Stop searching through your email to find a customer’s phone number. Keeps a history of all communication in one place and lets you close more deals faster.
Lead Scoring
Some people are almost ready to buy from you. Some are in danger of not becoming customers. Lead scoring lets you track engagement and know who to follow up with.
Website Tracking
Know when a prospect is visiting your website and which content they are reading to react to their needs in real-time. Helps to connect your sales and marketing processes to create more conversions.
Email List Validation
The effort put into email marketing campaigns is wasted if a large percentage of the emails in your list are bad. This can damage your email sending reputation and limit revenue due to lost sales opportunities. It’s time to clean up your email marketing lists.
Email Subscription Lead Magnets
Getting someone to sign-up for your email marketing list can be challenging, but what if you could provide some value in return? By creating content in the form of an eBook that your target market is interested in, you can offer them the carrot they need to opt-in.
Dynamic Email Content
Get more contacts to become customers by showing them what they want to see. Dynamic content lets you change the text and images in an email to put different messages in front of different people.
Abandoned Shopping Cart Emails
Over 40 different studies, the average ecommerce shopping cart abandonment rate is 69.57%. We’ll help you win back those nearly 7 out of 10 people and get them to checkout your online store again.
Get Social: Messenger Marketing Starter Plan Growth Plan Pro Plan
Facebook Messenger
As of June 2020, there were 2.7 billion Facebook users worldwide. It’s likely that many of them are your target market, so why not use the built-in tool called Facebook Messenger to communicate with them? Direct message from the app or using Chat Bots.
ChatBots / Live Chat
The best salesperson you have is your website because it’s open 24/7. But since you can’t be there all the time, why not let Artificial Intelligence (AI) help you out. ChatBots can answer basic questions and even transfer visitors to a Live Chat operator.
SMS (text) Marketing
People “check” email. They “get” SMS messages. Your contacts are extremely likely to read texts, making them perfect for reminder messages and flash sales.
Get Seen: Content Marketing Starter Plan Growth Plan Pro Plan
Website Copywriting
One of the most difficult tasks you’ll face as a business owner is to write copy about your own business. Yes, you’re the expert on it, but it can be tough to write about it. Our team of writers will work with you to craft the perfect story to attract your target audience.
Blog Copywriting (# of posts per month)
Fresh content on a website is an important part of engaging the target market. Our premium writing team will create compelling blog posts containing your target keywords or topics you suggest.
1 2 3
Visual Assets included on each Blog Post
The average human being has an attention span of eight seconds. Adding stock images to break up copy on a blog post can result in better engagement.
1 1 2
Industry Content Curation (# per month)
We curate and post articles written by third parties on topics that may interest your audience. These will include a short text description as to why this content is important for your target market.
1 2 3
Landing Page Copywriting
Sending people from paid advertisements to your website can be distracting, as the menus and content may not match the ad. A better way is a focused sales page where the copy entices your target audience to take action.
Get Seen: Video Marketing Starter Plan Growth Plan Pro Plan
Video Production (script/shoot/edit) 4
Custom video production that highlights your products or services. We’ll write the script, coordinate the video shoot, then edit the final piece with any voice-over as necessary. This service is not included in the package pricing and will require a quotation.
Explainer Videos (script/animate/voice-over)
When you need to explain something and don’t want to spend the money on a video production, these animated videos are the answer. Complete with scripting, animation, and voice-over.
Sales Videos embedded in Email
Send a personal video message as a follow-up email to customers or prospects to say thank you or ask them to sign up for your services. Requires a webcam and microphone on your computer.
Google Business Profile Virtual Tours
(formerly Google My Business or GMB) 4
Why not let customers see inside your business to get to know you better. This works with Google maps street view and lets people walk right in. This service is not included in the package pricing and will require a quotation.
Get Seen: Product Photography Starter Plan Growth Plan Pro Plan
Headshots for Website / Social Media
If you’re using a headshot from 10 years ago, or a selfie-based image where your head looks too big, then let us help you get the perfect picture for your website or social media profiles.
Product Photography 5
Display your product in the best light (literally) with our custom staged product photographs, with either a pleasant background or a transparent one. This service is not included in the package pricing and will require a quotation.
Location Photo Shoot 5
Want to shoot at your location to highlight products or employees? We come to you, complete with all the gear for a temporary photo studio. This service is not included in the package pricing and will require a quotation.
Get Results: Analytics Dashboard Starter Plan Growth Plan Pro Plan
Monitor over 50 Metrics
Measure what matters to get insights into what is working and what needs improvement. Start with a summary overview, then use the interactive dashboard to drill down deep into the details of each metric, giving you hundreds of data points.
Keyword Rankings
Monitor your target keyword rankings over time and see how they look on the search engine landing pages and which page on your site is ranking. Includes Google, Google Local, Google Mobile, and Bing.
Visitor Statistics
Our integration with Google Analytics lets you discover how visitors are finding your website, the percentage of new versus returning visitors, the average time spent on the site, or if they bounced (left quickly, meaning they're not interested).
Conversion Rate
At the end of the day, it's all about results. Getting your target market to convert usually refers to taking an action, such as filling out a contact form, calling you (requires phone all tracking), or taking any action you deem as they next step to a sale that can be measured.
Phone Call Tracking 6
A tracking telephone number is forwarded to your destination number. By using these tracking numbers, you gain insight into how many phone calls you received for any given campaign, the lead source of the call, and even monitor missed call percentages.
Website Lead Form Tracking
When a prospect decides to fill out an online form instead of calling, you'll see the lead source as well as capture the lead data on the dashboard. This is a great way to keep tabs on your sales team and understand the quality of the leads.
Email Marketing Report
Discover which email campaigns are getting opened, how many contacts are clicking on links, and if they are engaging with you once they land on your website.
Social Media Growth/Engagement
As social signals can improve search engine visibility, we monitor likes, shares, and overall engagement to ensure the posting times and frequency are working for your target market.
Backlink Monitor
We distribute the content to the right people and places, engaging your target market across the internet to earn backlinks to your website that will improve your search rankings.
Competition Monitor
Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your competition relative to their search engine ranking will help identify content areas that need improvement or allow the opportunity to take advantage of the content areas they're missing.
Website Page Audit
When updating your website with new content or making changes to the structure, it's possible to cause errors. Because of that, we run internal diagnostics weekly to detect and fix any such errors before they impact your search engine ranking.
Website Uptime Monitor
If your website is down, it's not producing leads, so we monitor the site every 60 seconds to ensure it's operational. If at any time it does not respond, we alert our technical team to investigate and resolve the issue immediately.
Analytics Audit
Google Analytics is a powerful tool, but many small businesses don’t have it enabled, or they don’t have it set properly to record goals and conversions. We’ll review this for you to correct any issues for better insights.
Get Results: Conversion Optimization Starter Plan Growth Plan Pro Plan
Website Optimization
Getting traffic to your website is great, but if you have a high bounce rate, that means they’re not converting to customers. We’ll analyze your page content, making adjustments while monitoring visitors to improve the conversion rate.
Website Visitor Heat Maps
Understanding where your prospects are clicking on each website page is a valuable tool to improve the users experience. This insight can lead to design changes that will increase clicks and conversions.
Website Visitor Session Recordings
What if you could sit next to a prospect as they navigate your website and watch what they do? Now you can with session recordings that let you see interactions to discover ways to improve the website experience and close more deals.
Landing Page Optimization
Landing pages are designed to convert easily as they are focused and relevant copy. But sometimes they don’t perform as expected and require slight adjustments to the copy, text, or call to action.
Website Exit Intent Pop-ups
Don’t let your prospects leave your website without giving them your best offer. An exit intent pop-up can sense when the user is about to navigate away from your website and pop-up an offer or opportunity to at least subscribe to your email marketing list.
Social Media Engagement
Being social in a personal sense means that you are engaged in the conversation. The same thing is true with Social Media, but can be more difficult due to technology. We’ll work with you on posts that can be more interactive, such as with comments or questions.
Email Marketing Open / Click Rates
With so many emails being received daily, you have just seconds to appeal to the user and get them to open your email. Subject lines make a big difference as well as the content within the email to get them to click on it.
Duplicate Content Monitoring (weekly)
Plagiarism is a serious and growing problem on the Internet. Anyone can copy your online content and instantly paste it onto their own site, which can harm your search engine rankings. We scan the entire internet weekly for copies of all of your pages.
Ecommerce Checkout Upsells
Look around when you’re checking out at a physical store… they surround you with upsells. The same can be done with your online store to entice customers to add more items just before they pay.
Get Results: Reputation Management Starter Plan Growth Plan Pro Plan
Capture / Monitor Reviews (1 location) 7
Capture, Manage, and Market your Online Reviews on Yelp, Google, and over 35 other platforms. This version is limited to capturing reviews by email only.
Capture / Monitor Reviews /
Google Q&A Monitoring (1 location) 7
Capture, Manage, and Market your Online Reviews on Yelp, Google, and over 35 other platforms. This version allows capturing reviews by email and SMS (text messaging). It can also monitor the Google My Business Question & Answer feature.
Net Promoter Score (NPS) Surveys
What if there was a single question you could ask customers to indicate their satisfaction with your product or service? We have that question for you and a system that will send it to customers and tabulate the results.

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Plan Footnotes:
  1. Email Hosting – additional business email addresses may be added to any plan at $3 per email address per month.
  2. Digital Advertising – Our services cover the creation of the ads and management of the platform to place the ads. The actual cost of running the ads on each platform is your responsibility.  For example, Google may charge $.10 per ad click, and if you have 100 clicks, you will owe Google $10.00 ($.10 x 100).
  3. Email Addresses – additional contact email addresses may be added to any plan for an additional fee. You are responsible for providing the end-users email addresses and/or phone numbers. You must have permission from the end-users to send email or SMS marketing messages, and you agree to comply with all legal requirements for email sending, such as the CAN-SPAM Act.
  4. Video Production Services – As the time to produce a video varies based on the requirements, the cost for this service is not included in the package pricing. Please contact us to discuss your video marketing needs and we’ll provide a quotation.
  5. Product Photography Pricing – Due to the variation in location shoots and product types, the cost for this service is not included in the package pricing. Please contact us to discuss your photography needs and we’ll provide a quotation.
  6. Phone Call Tracking – Includes $10 per month in call minutes. Additional minutes will be billed at $.04 per minute (local) or $.06 per minute (toll-free)
  7. Reputation Management – additional locations can be added for a nominal monthly fee per location.

Pricing FAQ's

  • Why do you bundle all of your digital marketing services?

    Our core belief is that a small business owner should spend their time working with their existing clients, not on learning marketing techniques that may change over time.  

    We’ve also experienced firsthand that our clients achieve better results with an integrated approach rather than a disjointed one. Many business owners try to save money by having staff perform some of the tasks, but that ultimately leads to inconsistent messaging and results that vary based on the employee’s skill set.

    By packaging all the services necessary to achieve digital marketing success, you get an affordable, outsourced digital marketing specialist to grow your business.

  • What if my business only needs a few marketing services?

    Then you’ll want to choose the "Build Your Own Plan" option to create a custom digital marketing plan.

    We know that entrepreneurs are resourceful and smart.  Perhaps you’ve got most of your marketing working well and you only need help with certain tasks.  We’ll be happy to cover those open areas and work with any existing staff or vendors as a part of your team.

    We offer over 40 individual services, ranging from one-time offerings such as website design services or ecommerce website design to on-going engagements for content writing services or paid search management.

    Not sure where to start?  Let us help with our free digital marketing analysis that will pinpoint any area where you might need additional marketing assistance.

  • Is there a discount for not using all the services in the plan?

    Most small businesses will benefit from all services in each digital marketing plan.  There is no discount offered if you choose not to use a specific service that is included in a plan, however, we will offer to substitute another service of equal or lesser value if you can’t use a specific service.

    A good example of this is Google Local Service Ads.  These type of ads are only available to a business if it fits into a Google category. While Google continues to increase the list of categories, these ads are primarily focused on home service businesses, therefore your business might not be able to use this type of ad.

    Here is a list of Google Service Categories as of early 2022:

    • Acupuncturist
    • Animal rescue
    • Appliance repair services
    • Bankruptcy lawyer services
    • Business lawyer services
    • Carpet cleaning services
    • Carpenters
    • Child care
    • House cleaning services
    • Contract lawyer services
    • Criminal lawyer services
    • Dance instructor
    • Countertop services
    • Disability lawyer services
    • DUI lawyer services
    • Electricians
    • Estate lawyer services
    • Family lawyer services
    • Fencing services
    • Financial planning services
    • First aid training
    • Flooring services
    • Foundations services
    • Garage door services
    • General contractor
    • Handyman
    • Home inspector
    • Home security
    • Home theater
    • HVAC (heating or air conditioning)
    • Immigration lawyer services
    • IP lawyer services
    • Junk removal services
    • Labor lawyer services
    • Landscaping services
    • Language instructor
    • Lawn care services
    • Lawyers
    • Litigation lawyer services
    • Locksmiths
    • Malpractice lawyer services
    • Moving services
    • Personal injury lawyer services
    • Personal trainer
    • Pest control services
    • Pet adoption
    • Pet boarding
    • Pet grooming
    • Pet training
    • Plumbers
    • Pool cleaner
    • Pool contractor
    • Preschool
    • Real estate lawyer
    • Real estate services
    • Roofers
    • Sewage system
    • Siding services
    • Snow removal
    • Tax services
    • Traffic lawyer services
    • Tree services
    • Water damage services
    • Weight loss service
    • Window cleaning services
    • Window repair services
    • Yoga studio
  • Are your digital marketing results guaranteed?

    It’s not possible for us to guarantee the number of leads, conversions, or Google rankings that you’ll get as there are several factors that are out of our control:

    • Any type of guarantee would have to be tied to something measurable that is within our control.  For example, if our work brought you in 100 leads that required a salesperson to follow-up on them, the outcome of those calls will vary based on the skills of the salesperson, which is out of our control.  We would consider the campaign successful because it generated 100 leads, but leads and conversions are very different, so you may not generate revenue and would consider it a failure.
    • Sometimes a buyer is just not ready to say “Yes”.  That doesn’t mean they won’t become a customer at some point in the future because our efforts have now made them aware of your product or service.  If we had the opportunity to work with you for many years, we’d be in a better position to provide a conversion guarantee as we could then better track the entire customer lifecycle from prospect to customer.

    What we can guarantee is this:

    • You’ll get a good return on your investment (ROI) to help you grow faster.
    • By outsourcing your marketing, we’ll help you save time so you can focus on your customers.
    • There will be more awareness of your product or services with our integrated digital marketing packages.
  • What is the minimum contract term?

    For our integrated digital marketing packages, we require a minimum term of 6 months.  If you would like to save 10% on the package price, you’ll need to commit to a 12-month term.

    While some tasks within a plan may be one-off, such as a website redesign, many of the marketing services we provide require daily or weekly updates to maintain your companies visibility and generate new leads.  In addition, for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with very competitive keywords, it can take years, not months, to rank.  We generally start seeing traction around month 4 or 5, which is why we ask for a 6-month minimum.

    For our custom plans, the term will vary based on the specific services that you select.  Please refer to each website marketing service for more details.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express), as well as debit cards and business or personal checks.

    We can also accept purchase orders and provide ongoing invoicing if so desired.

    We do not accept Bitcoin, although we have been known to work for food or wine!

  • What if my question wasn't listed here?

    Please visit our contact us page to reach out and let us know what other questions you might have about our pricing or services.

Not Sure Where to Start?

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