WordPress Care Plan


Our WordPress Care Plan is designed to offer you peace of mind with both automatic and manual updates, regardless of where you host your website (GoDaddy, BlueHost, etc.). Rest assured that as a WordPress website design company, you have a skilled partner to help you maintain your small business website, keeping it safe and secure to help grow your business (see details in the description below for what is included).

The following tasks are included in our WordPress Care Plan:

  • WordPress Core, Plugin, and Theme Updates – Makes your website more secure by keeping the code up to date. (Manual)
  • Install Sucuri Security WordPress plugin – Includes File Integrity Monitoring, Remote Malware Scanning, and Security Notifications. (Automated)
  • Update PHP (the programming language that runs WordPress) – Verify website functions on the latest version and roll back if any issues occur. (Manual)
  • Database cleaning and optimization – Regular cleaning of your website to keep it running fast and smooth. (Automated)
  • Uptime Monitoring – 24×7 monitoring to make sure your site is always available for your customers (you’ll get a link to view the historical statistics). (Automated)
  • Install / Verify SSL Certificate – Confirm the proper installation and that unsecured pages are redirected to secure pages. (Manual)
  • Clear Mixed Content – Adjust content links on pages to ensure that all resources are delivered using secure protocols. (Manual)
  • Daily Website Backups – These are not included and are the responsibility of your website hosing company
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